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Bubble Tea at Events!

Bubble Tea at Events!

Posted by The Bubbles Team on 20th Feb 2023

Years ago when we first brought Bubble Tea ingredients to the UK, we told our families "we are going to bring Bubble Tea to the UK!" Their response? "What? What is Bubble Tea?" Since then, we've … read more

Engage Your Customers

Posted by The Awesome Drinks Team on 20th May 2022

Bubble Tea is here. Actually, let us re-phrase that... Bubble Tea is Finally here! The rest is up to you.We regularly get enquiries from all over the UK and a large number of customers are askin … read more

Is Your Autumn/Winter Menu Ready?

Posted by BTHCo. on 20th May 2022

It's that time of the year, when our souls begin to shrink alongside the daylight hours. We try and compensate by booking some holidays to sunny locations, buying sun tanning lotion and feeling … read more