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Brown Sugar

Improved Recipe - Tiger Stripes for your cup


Many Reasons to Prefer Us!


"Sometime things don't go as planned. Bubble Tea House CO's responsiveness and support it unequaled."

Joyce S.


"I've trusted Bubble Tea Hpuse with supplying everything I need for my shop for many years. The quality and recipes have never changed."

D.J Ng


"I used to buy direct from Taiwan but the wholesalers there would constantly change the product not to mention the heavy cost up front! Bubble Tea House Co. has managed our chain's stock supply and I can keed my cash flow for where it's needed most."

Logan L.


Just landed. 

New products, old classics. We have it all. Check out what's new in store.


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Diana, a Bubble Tea Lover for many years, first introduced Paul to Bubble Tea in 2009 in Canada. At first, truth be told, Paul wasn’t so sure about the chewy tapioca pearls in his drink, but soon he realised that he had never tasted anything like it and his from-then-on love for Bubble Tea has grown beyond any normal levels.  Paul’s professional background and strength comes from his history as a buyer. Diana has an extensive background in food, having worked and developed businesses in fast food environments from a young age.  They are both qualified tea tasters and product developers, with a now 13-year experience in the Tea industry.  Diana and Paul’s different backgrounds, approaches and their history together, make for the perfect team that are focused on the growth of Bubble Tea as an industry.

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