COVID-19 A message to our customers

25th Mar 2020

Dear Friends & Colleagues,I hope you are all well.LATEST UPDATE: 22 APRIL 2020 - BUSINESS AS USUALWe are fully committed to supporting you, your business and your clients. Following a number of Government announcements, we have been taking steps to e...
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Is Too Much Choice A Bad Thing?

5th Mar 2019

Do you ever find yourself struggling to find something to watch on Netflix? So many different shows and films to choose from and you end up watching Friends for the 100th time? You don’t want your customers to experience this, being so overwhelm...
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Battle of the Brands

8th Feb 2019

What’s the difference between Bubble Tea House Company Bubble Tea powders and Wild Monk Bubble Tea Powders? Which powder is right for me? Which powder should I sell in my business? At Bubble Tea House Company, we get a lot of questions about our t...
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What's so Great about our Teaforia Iced Tea?

17th Jan 2019

Here at Bubble Tea House Company, we are pretty obsessed with our delicious, fruity and all natural Teaforia Iced Teas. We are proud of our range with flavours including Peach Oolong Iced Tea , Mango Green Iced Tea and Passion F...
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Tapioca - What's the Hype?

20th Dec 2018

            .  This blog post is dedicated to Tapioca, one of our favourite things at Bubble Tea House Company and often a core ingredient in Bubble Tea. So many people love Tapioca, but how much do you know...
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It takes two to Mango

6th Jun 2017

A Favourite of the World, Mango is one of those fruits that breaks down boundaries.Fun Facts about Mango: Mangos are one of the most popular fruit in the WorldMangos were first grown in India over 5,000 years agoMango seeds traveled with humans from...
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Good Food Hygiene is Good

24th Feb 2016

A good business will create buzz when it has a great menu (good news!), it will also, create buzz if it scores low in Food Hygiene standards (not so good news).  FIND OUT MORE:Safer Food, Better Businesses for Caterers by The UK Food Standards A...
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Some news from BTH

1st Feb 2016

It's been a little while since our last update on our blog. We apologise for taking a little too long to write! But, we have been busy making some very important changes.  We are very pleased to share with you... NEW! FREE SHIPPING...
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