Some news from BTH

1st Feb 2016

It's been a little while since our last update on our blog. We apologise for taking a little too long to write! But, we have been busy making some very important changes.  We are very pleased to share with you... NEW! FREE SHIPPING...
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Is Your Autumn/Winter Menu Ready?

29th Oct 2015

It's that time of the year, when our souls begin to shrink alongside the daylight hours. We try and compensate by booking some holidays to sunny locations, buying sun tanning lotion and feeling very jealous of anyone living in California. Y...
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Matcha Matcha Man!

7th Jul 2015

I want to be a Matcha man! (or woman, girl power!).We've all heard the song by the Village People. What we haven't heard is that actually, the Village People were big advocates of pure ground green tea of the highest quality, in fact they are singing...
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Engage Your Customers

27th Jun 2015

Bubble Tea is here. Actually, let us re-phrase that... Bubble Tea is Finally here! The rest is up to you.We regularly get enquiries from all over the UK and a large number of customers are asking us "how do I take advantage of this growing trend...
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