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Case of 4 TIGER BROWN SUGAR - Premium Syrup for Bubble Tea (4x 4L/5kg)


New and improved recipe.

Stickier, clingier, and ready to create the ultra-popular Tiger Brown Sugar Bubble Tea your menu needs.

Drizzle on the sides of your cup to re-create the latest craze Tiger Brown Sugar Milk Tea, Tiger Brown Sugar Milk or any variation of the popular drink. 

Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea Drink is the latest craze in the world of Bubble Tea! it's one of the absolute must haves in a Bubble Tea menu, in just a short amount of time, these popular drinks have made it to the top 5 selling across Bubble Tea shops.

Don't miss out! 

Our Brown Sugar Bubble Tea syrup is ideal for creating the walling effect on your cups. It is thick and clings to the side of cups so when you fill it with a drink you can create that super popular "Tiger" stripes look. 

Add tapioca and voila! You've got yourself a winning drink! 

What does it taste like? Our brown sugar syrup for bubble tea has that toasty/burnt sugar taste and aroma that has made these bubble tea drinks so popular around the World. Our experience in producing syrups gave us the ultimate edge in bringing to you a product that you can confidently use in your shop. 

Tiger Brown Sugar Bubble Tea Recipe:  

Tiger Brown Sugar Bubble Tea

Use the brown sugar to line the inside of your cup. 

Add cooked tapioca (if you want a topping)

Add your drink - you can add any flavour of milky bubble tea, or even just plain milk or a milk substitute. 

You can top up with Creamy Foam Powder for the extra deluxe touch. 



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Ingredients Brown sugar, water, fructose, potassium sorbate.
Allergens None.
Dietary Suitable for vegans, gluten free.
Storage store in a cool dry place and away from sunlight. Once opened keep refrigerated and use within 4 weeks.
Case of 4 TIGER BROWN SUGAR - Premium Syrup for Bubble Tea (4x 4L/5kg)
Case of 4 TIGER BROWN SUGAR - Premium Syrup for Bubble Tea (4x 4L/5kg)