Exotic to a Tea. Chai Tea Latte coming to BTH!

30th Sep 2015

Hold on to your hats! Chai Tea Latte is finally coming to BTH!Chai Tea originated in India. It is a blend of black tea and spices that is fragrant and incredibly flavourful. There are numerous ways of making Chai Tea, the traditional way is to have i...
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Bubble Tea at Events!

23rd Jul 2015

Years ago when we first brought Bubble Tea ingredients to the UK, we told our families "we are going to bring Bubble Tea to the UK!" Their response? "What? What is Bubble Tea?" Since then, we've had the chance to answer that question numerous ti...
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Matcha Matcha Man!

7th Jul 2015

I want to be a Matcha man! (or woman, girl power!).We've all heard the song by the Village People. What we haven't heard is that actually, the Village People were big advocates of pure ground green tea of the highest quality, in fact they are singing...
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Engage Your Customers

27th Jun 2015

Bubble Tea is here. Actually, let us re-phrase that... Bubble Tea is Finally here! The rest is up to you.We regularly get enquiries from all over the UK and a large number of customers are asking us "how do I take advantage of this growing trend...
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Make 2015 your year!

8th Jan 2015

                                  Bubble Tea is more popular than ever in the UK with new stores opening doors across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Irel...
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