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Automatic Fructose Dispensing Machine

Bubble Tea House Co.

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Stainless Steel Barrel:
High hygiene standards, prevent oxidation, easy to clean
Self-locking dispensing outlet:
Prevents drips, leaks, and waste.(Removable for cleaning).
Accurately set the output of fructose you need to serve.
Easy to learn:
Includes a user manual
Fit for purpose:
UK Plug /220V
Do not use:
Fine sugar syrup, granulated sugar syrup, etc. - These will block the outlet and damage the motor. 
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The ideal dispenser for BTH Co. Fructose Syrup. Easily program the amounts of fructose syrup you require and trust that each time you make a Bubble Tea, the exact desired amount of sweetness will be dispensed and you will maintain consistency across your recipes and reduce waste.


A great professional machine with key features suitable for your Bubble Tea busienss.


  • Optimum quality control for beverages.
  • Easy-to-operate human-machine interface.
  • Rapid fructose filling of between 0.5-1s.
  • The latest model YF-8E/8EP is with an extremely strong & lightweight design.

**Suitable exclusively for BTH Co. Fructose Syrup