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Case of 4 - 3.2kg CHERRY Juice Pobbles for Bubble Tea (£15/tub)

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Juice Pobbles® are the perfect flavouring for tea!


JUICE POBBLES® are light, refreshing juice pearls that add a burst of flavour to tea The original Juice Pobbles® were specially developed to create a fun alternative to tapioca pearls for Bubble Tea drinks. Traditional tapioca for Bubble tea is dark with caramel flavour and chewy. Juice Pobbles® are very different from that!

Juice Pobble are pearls filled with juice that burst in your mouth when you bite into them! 


What's so great about Juice Pobbles®?

  • The outer jelly of Juice Pobbles® are made with Agar, making them 100% Vegan!
  • Compared to traditional tapioca for Bubble Tea Juice Pobbles® are ready to go and don't require any cooking. Simply scoop with a strainer (BUY STRAINER HERE), and serve in your favourite tea. 
  • You just suck them up through a chunk straw (BUY STRAWS HERE), and when they are in your mouth, you bite into them and they burst!


Make your bubble tea like a pro in seconds! 

Bubble Up!
Measure 30g (2Tbsp) of Bubble Tea Mix into a plastic cocktail shaker
Add 50ml of tea.
Stir well until powder is completely dissolved.
Add 1 cup of ice and top up with approx. 150ml of cold water
Add 20g of Juice Pobbles®.
Watch our short video to see how to make Bubble Tea and add Juice Pobbles® (video shows how to make with water, but just change water to tea for the real experience):





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Ingredients SAMPLE:water, fructose, calcium lactate, starch, malic acid, xanthan gum, cherry flavours, canthaxanthin (natural colour), seaweed extract, vegetarian jelly powder, calcium disodium EDTA, potassium sorbate.
Allergens none
Dietary suitable for vegetarians, gluten free.
Storage refrigerate after opening.
Servings 100.
Notice not recommended for children under 3 years of age.
Wild Monk Cherry Juice Pobbles (Case)
Wild Monk Cherry Juice Pobbles (Tub)
Case of 4 - 3.2kg CHERRY Juice Pobbles for Bubble Tea (£15/tub)
Case of 4 - 3.2kg CHERRY Juice Pobbles for Bubble Tea (£15/tub)