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Bubble Tea at Events!

Posted by The Bubbles Team on

Years ago when we first brought Bubble Tea ingredients to the UK, we told our families "we are going to bring Bubble Tea to the UK!" Their response? "What? What is Bubble Tea?" 

Since then, we've had the chance to answer that question numerous times and it never gets boring for us because we love having the opportunity to introduce people to such a wonderful drink and its amazing versatility. 

It's awesome how far this great drink has come since then and we are so happy to be getting a lot of enquiries about parties and Bubble Tea for the home!

Bubble Tea used to be difficult and expensive. You used to need large machines (big cost!) and you needed a few days of intense training to learn how to make the drinks. Fortunately that's all in the past and Bubble Tea has evolved a lot since then.

Now Bubble Tea can be made easily, cost effectively and the best part? Better ingredients means more taste and less nasties! 

More and more people are wanting to have fun with Bubble Tea and it's super fun to see all the awesome events like birthday celebrations, graduations, welcome home parties and even weddings. Bubble Tea is certainly fit for all ages. 

Above you can see what some of our customers have done, they've really had a lot of fun! (We thank you for the photos, but better yet, next time invite us!)

What do you think about Bubble Tea at events?!