Rain City Tea

Peach Mango Swirl


Our teas come in boxes of 15 organic, compostable and whole leaf pyramid tea bags.

Our Peach Mango Swirl is an Organic Green tea, Green Tea Blend

With lots of rain falling, we can't help but daydream of being transported to a land if ice-cream, sweet juicy mangoes and fleshy summer peaches. But just sometimes, we really do love the rain. 

About Rain City Tea Co.:

The city of rain is the inspiration for our cloud-bursting combinations. A stunning place, where mountains, beaches, lakes, fresh air and, of course, plenty of rain are effortlessly intertwined with daily cosmopolitan life. We hope you enjoy them!


Brew in fresh hot water (not boiling!) for 2-3 minutes. This blend certainly makes a mean iced tea, just brew it a little longer (5-6 minutes), pour it over ice and sweeten to taste.

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Ingredients Organic green tea, natural flavour, organic marigold flowers.
Allergens none.
Dietary suitable for vegetarians, gluten free, lactose free.
Servings 15 compostable tea bags
Storage store in an air tight container.
Gift Wrapping Options Available
Peach Mango Swirl
Peach Mango Swirl
Peach Mango Swirl
Peach Mango Swirl