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Case of 20kg MANGO - Syrup for Bubble Tea (4 units)

Get ready to dive right into the fruitiness of summer with our Premium Blueberry Syrup for Bubble Tea!


Introducing Bubble Tea House Co.'s finest offering - our premium Blueberry Bubble Tea syrup enriched with real fruit pulp. Each bottle contains 5kg, and with 4 bottles in a case, you'll receive a total of 20kg of syrup in one convenient carton. This generous quantity allows you to serve approximately 100 tantalizing blueberry boba creations in your shop. Elevate your menu with our delectable Blueberry Bubble Tea syrup today!


Key facts:


Ideal for: flavouring bubble tea boba drinks


Suggested tea use: Black, Green, Oolong  


Can make hot: Yes


Can make cold: Yes


Net weight per bottle: 5kg


Net weight per carton: 10kg


Dietary Notes: Vegan


Approx. no of servings: 100 (using 30-45ml per 16oz/500ml bubble tea drink)


About Bubble Tea House Co.


Established in 2010, Bubble Tea House Co. has quickly risen to prominence as the leading bubble tea supplier in the UK. Our dedication to providing exceptional customer service support has earned us the trust and loyalty of hundreds of bubble tea shops. With our recently enhanced logistics network, we are more than capable of meeting the demands of your business, ensuring that you're always well-stocked with the highest quality bubble tea products. Our goal isn't just to be the largest or the oldest supplier, but rather, to be your ultimate and dependable partner in all things bubble tea.




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Ingredients fructose, sugar, mango juice concentrate (20%), water, malic acid, citric acid, sodium citrate, xanthan gum, mango flavour, potassium sorbate, E102 (colour), E110 (colour). ATTENTION: E102 and E110 may have an adverse effect on activity and attention
Allergens none.
Dietary suitable for vegetarians, gluten free.
Storage store in a cool dry place and away from sunlight, refrigerate after opening.
Servings 268 (67 per bottle).
Gift Wrapping Options Available
Case of 20kg MANGO - Syrup for Bubble Tea (4 units)
Case of 20kg MANGO - Syrup for Bubble Tea (4 units)