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20kg (16L) Fructose Syrup (Case of 4)


Bubble Tea House Company fruit flavoured syrups add exceptional flavour to any beverage. Our fruit syrups are not only an amazing value but they can help you create unforgettable drinks! 

Fructose is complementary for all types of drinks and sweetens them to perfection.
Bossen's liquid fructose is finally available in 11 lbs bags and sold online for the first time. We also highly recommend our 
fructose dispenser if you want easy and precise measurements for every single drink made.

Fructose is the best option for sweetening your Bubble Tea as it is easy to use, it is shelf-stable and it doesn't add flavour to your drinks like other sweeteners such as simple syrup made from beet or cane sugar. Not to mention that simple syrup is more costly and time-consuming!

 The fructose is a clear liquid that can be easily measured to make every drink individually. 

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Ingredients fructose, glucose, water.
Allergens none.
Dietary suitable for vegetarians, gluten free.
Storage store in a cool dry place and away from sunlight. Once opened, keep refrigerated and use within 4 weeks.
Servings 268 (67 per bottle).
Gift Wrapping Options Available
20kg (16L) Fructose Syrup (Case of 4)
20kg (16L) Fructose Syrup (Case of 4)
20kg (16L) Fructose Syrup (Case of 4)
20kg (16L) Fructose Syrup (Case of 4)