PREMIUM Japanese Organic Matcha


Teaforia's Premium Grade Matcha is enjoyed on its own, in smoothies, cakes, biscuits and more.


Measure 1/2 teaspoon (1g) into a bowl or cup. Add 100ml (3.4floz) of hot water (85•C/186•F), whisk well until the tea is dissolved and becomes frothy. Use a bamboo or electrical whisk for best results.

Stone ground tea has a tendency to settle, so be sure to give your cup an extra little stir as you drink to keep the goodness from settling at the bottom!


Teaforia's Organic Premium Matcha is a special blend of young tea leaves, carefully grown in shade, from individually selected Artisan farms in Japan. The young leaves are steamed, dried and stone ground to a fine powder. We know you'll enjoy it!


Matcha is a must have item in today's trendy yet healthy oriented speciality food shelves and menus. Matcha is a type of green tea. However it is different to regular green tea. The Matcha process involves shade growing green tea leaves for three weeks before removing all veins and stems, then the leaves are stone ground into a fine, dissolvable powder. This results in the potently antioxidant matcha powder! 

Matcha has found fame of late with numerous prominent magazines featuring it in their pages.


Teaforia's tea is different - you don't brew it, you dissolve it. 

Teaforia is the next level of real tea, they stone grind whole tea leaves to create flavourful blends that dissolve in water so you get to enjoy every last brilliant bit of tea goodness, unlike traditionally brewed tea which just soaks in water & then gets thrown away.

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Ingredients 100% Organic matcha green tea powder.
Suggested As a shot or as an ingredient in smoothies, lattes, baking, etc.
Servings Approx. 50
Gift Wrapping Options Available
PREMIUM Japanese Organic Matcha
PREMIUM Japanese Organic Matcha
PREMIUM Japanese Organic Matcha
PREMIUM Japanese Organic Matcha