HALF PRICE! 1kg MANGO (Green) Iced Tea Mix - Teaforia

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Teaforia Iced Tea Mixes have been specially developed to be used by dedicated bubble tea shops and coffee shops alike. Our Mango (Green) Iced Tea Mix features pure, amazing, finely ground tea and dehydrated mango that diffuses in water so you actually enjoy every last brilliant bit of tea goodness and flavour!


There are 50 servings in our 1kg Teaforia Iced Tea Mix - meaning a COST PER SERVING of 25p. 




Iced Tea:

Measure 20g (4tsp) of Iced Tea Mix into 100ml of hot water, stir until fully dissolved.

Add 100ml of cold water.

Serve over ice and enjoy! 


Shaken Iced Tea: 

Measure 20g (4tsp) of Iced Tea Mix into a heat resistant plastic cocktail shaker.

Add 50ml hot water, stir.

Fill shaker with ice, top up with cold water.

Shake until frothy.

Serve and enjoy! 


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Ingredients natural cane sugar, finely ground black tea leaves (4.3%), dehydrated lemon (3%), natural flavour, citric acid.
Allergens none.
Dietary lactose free, gluten free, suitable for vegans.
Storage store in a cool dry place.
Servings 50.
Gift Wrapping Options Available
HALF PRICE! 1kg MANGO (Green) Iced Tea Mix - Teaforia