1kg Teaforia Kyō® Matcha Green Tea Latte (1 Case = 10x1kg units)



Instantly prepare consistent creamy and frothy tea based beverages.


To make a HotTea Latte that will give you a big hug: measure 2 teaspoons into a cup of hot milk or water (approx. 180ml), stir until fully dissolved. 

For a super cool IcedTea that's smooth and refreshing: measure 2 teaspoons into 100ml of hot milk or water, stir until fully dissolved, let it cool down and serve over ice.


As we use only pure finely ground tea, you may have to give your cup an extra little stir to keep the goodness from settling at the bottom!

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Ingredients natural cane sugar, non dairy creamer, maize maltodextrin, matcha powder (12.8%), flavouring.
Allergens milk
Dietary gluten free, suitable for vegetarians.
Storage store in a cool dry place.
Servings 50 (350ml Serving Size)
Gift Wrapping Options Available